The Engine Swap - Gallery

Posted by admin on 06/01/11  ~  Posted in: Galleries

This is what I bought for $700I've never changed my oil!This looks complicatedOk, well it looks like an engineTortuga in the backgroundThe old engineOut with the old
All outLet's get that flywheel offFlywheel and clutchStripping her downEverything pulled from the old engineJust a few tools used
Countless hours of work in these darn broken boltsCleaning up the 'new' engineGetting her shined upNew water pump and thermostatStripping the new engine and cleaning her upLots of cleaningPutting it all back together
Dropping the 'new' engine inTime to put the exhaust back togetherGhetto welding job on the muffler holeRan out of gas mid-weldFilling the transmissionBleeding the coolant

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