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Ethan Hoops it Up

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Scrubbing Mildew

Posted by admin on 01/15/12  ~  Posted in: Videos

As it turns out, this is a good example of how NOT to clean your roof.  Since this cleaning we've found that it's WAY easier to mix 1 part bleach with 2 parts water and spray it onto the roof.  Obviously opening all the windows, and using eye and lung protection is a must.  A sunny day and a breeze also make things much more pleasant.  The whole job can be done in about 30 minutes this way.


Shannonese Cooking Show

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Goodbye Bellingham

Posted by admin on 10/25/11  ~  Posted in: Bellingham, Videos, Videos

Heading out of B'ham for good


Leaving My Parent's Driveway for Good

Posted by admin on 10/25/11  ~  Posted in: Videos

Heading out for good - this was our final departure from Bellingham, the city I grew up in and lived in for over 20 years.  We'll miss you!

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