Check it out!

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Hey check out our new work.

CoImagery is our new photo sight comprised of images we've captured together all over the world.
enjoy the new galleries.

You keep looking we'll keep building!
Thanks Shan and E

COIMAGERY; co-im-age-ry [co-im-ij-ree] ? noun, 1. The joint collaboration of husband and wife team Ethan and Shannon McGuire D?Onofrio. Having travelled extensively together they have found their individual photography styles blend well, offering differing yet complimentary viewpoints of each subject focused upon. Ethan?s approach tends to capture the larger picture, the dynamism of the context, while Shannon tends to focus on the granularity, or individual details contributing to the whole.
2. Woven together images which give the viewer a full bodied look into each composition capturing the very essence of its nature.
3. Ethan and Shannon D?Onofrio, photographers.


What do you See?

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Idea & Creation by CoImagery- Music by Lane Murchison, songwriter & Alex Stein, pianist. Flipping through bumper stickers at San Gregorio Country Store.


Funny Crazy Times

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Check out our goofy skit!

Ethan and I had such a blast, seriously, more fun than I can say with the Fernandez clan.
Our faces are sore from laughing so hard and so much.
Thank you Becky and Kevin for spoiling us beyond measure. We are chocka full of great food, great times and great memories.
We sure love you guys!

Happy Valentine's Day

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Today is Valentine's Day and Shan and I are at our friends Becky and Kevin's house.  We've been here for a couple weeks now, working on a new website for them and trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with our van.  From the moment we wake up each day, it's been nonstop activity.  From wine bottling, to a trip to San Fran, to a Sunday drive through the mountains with Becky and Kevin with the top down, to wonderful group dinners, life has been a whirlwind of activity.  Today we're banging away on the keyboards once again, trying to "get caught up", if ever that's possible on the million things we're "behind" on.  That said, I wanted to take a few minutes aside to make my wonderful wife know how loved she is.

Shan, I love you more now that I ever have before.  This road has been a difficult and challenging one, but it would be an unbearable one without you.  You've brought the adventure I was never strong enough to bring on myself, not without a partner.  You've brought faith - faith in each other, you and I, and faith in our cause.  You love me when I'm imperfect and forgive me when I mess up.  You teach me and help me to see how I can be better.  You're there for me when I'm tired, stressed and worried.  You work your @ss off for us, nonstop, even when you're exhausted.  I appreciate everything that you are, everything you've been, and everything you will be.  I appreciate who you are, right here, right now.

So, although we're completely out of money, our van doesn't work, and we're both exhausted, I can still tell you I love you, in this completely geeky way!

Happy Valentine's Day baby!

- e


Ethan's Lists

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The following is my list of lists; it will continue to grow and morph as our adventure continues - check back for updates to see what inspiration has struck!


Random Thoughts:

  • The phrase "That's just the way it is" is one of the dumbest phrases I've ever heard.
  • It's not about what we can take with us, it's about what we can leave behind.
  • Issues, problems - they're ALL personal.
  • Time is NOT money - money is nothing, time is everything.
  • The most important year, day, hour of my life begins right now.


People Who Deserve Special Recognition:

  • All of our family and friends - there's just too many to list, but you know who you are - we sure love you and appreciate everything you've done and continue to do - your support has been overwhelmingly wonderful!
  • Todd Martinson of Superior Auto - the best damn mechanic in the Northwest, period.
  • Trevor Sharp of Mendocino Coast European Auto - the best damn mechanic in the Mendocino area.
  • Mark O. Drillock of San Diego, who's put in countless hours helping us with van issues - thanks so much Mark!
  • All of the folks at TheSamba who've been invaluable helping us with our many issues and quandries along the way.

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