A Walk with Ta

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Taio, Our Adventure Kitty

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Leaf Sculptures

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What is it like? (pt. 1)

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This new life of ours?..How do we spend our days, what occupies our time?

A million things-the same things over and over. Daily discoveries, familiar comforts.

Each day is alive, whether bad or good. Mixed most times but by far mostly good.  Rich, uncertain, challenging, stimulating- alive.

We wake to the sound of rain, or birds,or rivers most days. By far our bed, toasty under the covers is the warmest place to be. But we always rise quickly, eager to get the day started. That's not to say we rise early-we've yet to redevelop the habit for that. But we wake naturally and that is an extreme privilege in this day and age. We drink way too much coffee as it is a sensual pleasure in the outside air. We fold the bed, feed the pets, put away the blankets, our clothes, change clothes, tromp into the woods to go to the loo, begin sensing the day-start to listen.

Deep breaths come easier these days and most places we stay have a beautiful distinctive scent. I love living in the outdoors.  Our heads clear. A joy begins to grow as we make breakfast -eating well, having everything we need.  By this time we usually have a sense of what that day holds -be it packing up and hitting the road, or settling in for a day of staying put. Both have their own excitement-their own work, but are rewarding nonetheless.

Walks are leisurely, comfortable. The pets explore. We call them to us when they've gone too far and laugh as they bound our way sooner or later. Sam has this way of folding up the tips of his ears when he is very happy. He does this a lot lately. It makes me smile in a deep place-happy. We mostly are, we certainly are. Such is our life in this now.


Gold Beach Gallery

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