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The 199 Blues

Posted by admin on 11/21/11  ~  Posted in: Ethan's Thoughts, 199

Grey.  Rainy.  Wet.  Cold.  Ramshackle antique stores closed for the winter?or at best, selling crap nobody wants, let alone needs.  Decrepit trailers covered with shredded tarps, in front yards, or even as homes, the decks leaning and rotting.  Garbage on the side of the road.  These are the things I see as I drive the 199.

What have we done to our planet?  Earth.  What a treasure.  What a dump.  Plastic bottles floating down the river.  How is it that we came to this place.  Where I can be given a $250 fine just for casting my line on the same river that has industrial waste legally dumped into it each day?

No trespassing.  No trespassing.  Seems like that?s the only sign I see in the woods anymore.  Who gave them the right?  I thought this was our planet?  ?and yet the signs say otherwise.  Everything is ?property?.  Owned.  Keep out.  Mine.  Not yours.  Move along.

What beautiful country.  But it?s not yours.  It?s not mine.  It belongs to someone.  Teddy was right.  Protection was, and is a laudable goal.  But clearly it?s not enough.  Capitalism is eating the planet, one acre at a time.  More like one million acres at a time really.  Until there?s nothing left to eat.  All the streams dead.  All the forests cut.  What was that last Easter Islander thinking when they cut the very last tree?  What are we thinking now?  Most of us aren?t.  Or trying desperately not to.

Escape.  From this reality.  T.V.  Drugs.  Booze.  Bingo.  Internet.  Work.  Sleep.  Just don?t live.  Don?t look around.  Because if you do, what you see just might frighten you.  It just might scare the piss out of you.  Don?t think about the starving, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, the KIDS - for godssake.  Don?t think about the concrete jungles of our world, the impending grey, the coming storm.  Asphalt.  Steel.  The city.  Don?t think about climate change or sudden hive collapse, don?t think about the plastic bottles floating down the river.  Don?t look around.  Don?t stop doing what you?re doing.  Get up.  Go to work.  Shop.  Eat.  Watch T.V.  Check Facebook.  Go to bed.  It will all be ok.  Someone will take care of everything for us.  I?m sure they?re working on things right now.  Right?

A refrigerator in the ditch.  I wonder who?s taking care of that?  I wonder who did that?  What went wrong?  Where are we headed?  I?m headed up the 199.