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Posted by Shan on 02/19/12  ~  Posted in: Galleries, Random Updates

Hey check out our new work.

CoImagery is our new photo sight comprised of images we've captured together all over the world.
enjoy the new galleries.

You keep looking we'll keep building!
Thanks Shan and E

COIMAGERY; co-im-age-ry [co-im-ij-ree] ? noun, 1. The joint collaboration of husband and wife team Ethan and Shannon McGuire D?Onofrio. Having travelled extensively together they have found their individual photography styles blend well, offering differing yet complimentary viewpoints of each subject focused upon. Ethan?s approach tends to capture the larger picture, the dynamism of the context, while Shannon tends to focus on the granularity, or individual details contributing to the whole.
2. Woven together images which give the viewer a full bodied look into each composition capturing the very essence of its nature.
3. Ethan and Shannon D?Onofrio, photographers.