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Our Kitty is a Streak

Posted by Shan on 11/30/11  ~  Posted in: Ashland

Our kitty is a streak- a jet of black, and white- brown, depending on which part is seen.

He is a shadow, a sprite. Only visible when he wants to be.

He has been wearing a cone lately. That's been hard. He is not used to looking conical.












But he found  Zen. He turned his face to the light and found peace, repose.

Kitty in a cone portrait, in low light-rendition 1.

Poor dear beast who's bottom is half shaved and whose hiney is now chilly- in the breeze, in the rain. Poor adventuresome, proud and daring soul who must suffer the indignation of a sheath of plastic around his skull-marring his vision, messing with acoustics, inhibiting his cleanliness of self.

It is only for a week kitty, or two- no more than two, maybe less. Don't fret kitty your days of majesty, stealth and cunning will reblossom once this apparition has disappeared. The time will come when you will no longer walk with a bobbly bowed head but will regain your dignity, your stride. For now kitty, enjoy the sun, the calm and let the cold breeze on your backside remind you to think twice before you tangle with other cats.