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Ethan's Lists

Posted by admin on 02/14/12  ~  Posted in: Ethan's Lists

The following is my list of lists; it will continue to grow and morph as our adventure continues - check back for updates to see what inspiration has struck!


Random Thoughts:

  • The phrase "That's just the way it is" is one of the dumbest phrases I've ever heard.
  • It's not about what we can take with us, it's about what we can leave behind.
  • Issues, problems - they're ALL personal.
  • Time is NOT money - money is nothing, time is everything.
  • The most important year, day, hour of my life begins right now.


People Who Deserve Special Recognition:

  • All of our family and friends - there's just too many to list, but you know who you are - we sure love you and appreciate everything you've done and continue to do - your support has been overwhelmingly wonderful!
  • Todd Martinson of Superior Auto - the best damn mechanic in the Northwest, period.
  • Trevor Sharp of Mendocino Coast European Auto - the best damn mechanic in the Mendocino area.
  • Mark O. Drillock of San Diego, who's put in countless hours helping us with van issues - thanks so much Mark!
  • All of the folks at TheSamba who've been invaluable helping us with our many issues and quandries along the way.