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Learning Faith, Becoming Powerful

Posted by admin on 01/18/12  ~  Posted in: Ethan's Thoughts, California, Westport

This is what it means to have faith.  I am learning.  I asked Shannon this morning ?at what point do we become worried about money?? and her response came in step with the answer I was building in my head as she spoke; the answer of course is ?we don?t?.  That?s it.  We don?t.  And furthermore, the asking of the question is in fact the first part of the slide, the slide down, not up.  We don?t even ask the question ?what happens when???.  Don?t look where you don?t want to go indeed.  Guess that never quite sunk in.  Faith is what we?re talking about here.  Simply believing that the universe will provide, the universe will provide, the universe will provide.  We?re not going to run out of money, of gas, of food.  Because there?s enough.  We?re intelligent, we?re willful.  And we?re learning the flow.  We?re believing.  There?s an old Twilight Zone episode - the ?You have to believe? episode.  Belief creates reality.  Doubt destroys it.  Fear.  The enemy of all.  ?You have to believe!?

Yesterday it occurred to me that specialization, while great in creating masters of a single command, is destroying mankind?s power.  Particularly the current preoccupation with ?specialization in nothing useful?.  Holy shit ? how can one feel powerful when they?re essentially useless in the reality of nature.  Sure, I can push a pen around and analyze profit margins, but that?s about all I can do.  So I seek money.  Money can do all the things I can?t.  Money can fix my car, my house, my marriage, my relationships.  Money can build me a house, grow my food, get me healthcare.  But money isn?t power.  Ability is.  Knowledge is.  Skill and will, mind and heart.  This is where power comes from.  The knowledge that we are in fact powerful, that we can take on a technical project or a human one, and succeed.  That we can take on the unknown with excitement and strength and know that we?ll come out the other side stronger, more capable.

I can?t imagine ever feeling powerful before travelling in the way I feel powerful now.  Before fighting with the van, my wife, my fears.  I can?t imagine I would ever get much of anything done before realizing that I in fact can get anything done.  They tell you when you?re a kid that you can be anything, do anything.  At some point, for me probably around age 12, I stopped believing that.  We, most of us, do.  We give up.  That?s just something they tell kids.  That?s to make us think we can all be astronauts, or firemen, congressmen or foreign ambassadors.  But we?ve got reality to contend with; kids and mortgages, health benefits and layoffs.  Well, I?m switching back.  That?s right, I?m abandoning what I?ve been told ever since age 12, I?m going back to my previous belief.  I can be anything I want.  I can do anything I want.  And I damn well plan to.

I?m learning faith, I?m gathering power.  We should all travel.  We should all be tested.  To believe in one?s lack of power is to give it up.  Bad call.  We are powerful, we?ve just forgotten.  It?s time to wake up.  I?m wiping the sleep from my eyes.  Join me.