Goodbye Ashland, Hello California.

Posted by admin on 12/03/11  ~  Posted in: 199, Ashland

Well we?re just three weeks away from Chistmas and we?re on the road again.  Our trip in Ashland was amazing ? what an awesome couple weeks!  We spent the last few nights in the hills above the town looking down on the city lights.  Beautiful.

I hesitate to write all the wonderful things about Ashland, for if everyone knew about it, it would become overrun and ruined immediately.  That said, now?s as good a time as any to sing it?s praises since I don?t think the traffic from our blog is exactly going to turn the town into a metropolis overnight.  The bottom line is that, from what Shannon and I?ve seen over the last couple weeks, Ashland is damn near perfect.  Of course, we may be jaded because we also happen to have some of the best of friends a person could have in Ashland, but beyond that, Ashland has a lot to offer.

The town is dotted with parks including the massive and gorgeous, creek side Lithia park.  Lithia Park is one of the most pleasant places on earth.  In the winter, the streets around it are lined with twinkly white Christmas lights and kids ice skate on the outdoor rink.  In the summer it?s teaming with recreational users of all sorts, duck ponds, mineral water fountains, concerts, hula hoopers, etc.  It?s a great place to come by and catch a Shakespearean play, as Ashland is of course home of the world famous Shakespeare Festival ? Southern Oregon University offering all sorts of Shakespearean curricula and events.  The town has a nice mix of young college spirit and old liberal wisdom and has maintained a beautiful historic district with Lithia at its center.  One can stroll the streets going from wood carving merchant to upscale clothing boutique to bakery to bookstore for hours, if not days.  The grocery stores offer a broad mix of selection with great prices on organic produce, gluten free products and the like.  In all, the town seems to offer a lot of niceties expected from a large city while maintaining a population of less than 25,000.  This is also very nice, as it seems almost everyone knows everyone else and are constantly bumping into friends in random places.  Just outside town are other outdoor offerings including the Rogue River valley to the north, Emigrant Lake just outside town to the southeast, and Mount Ashland itself just to the south.

I could go on and on about Ashland but its getting late and I?m getting tired.  The bottom line is that Ashland is almost too good to be true.  It?s even home to the folks who make Uncle John?s Bathroom Reader!  Why it hasn?t blown up is beyond me but it?s definitely high on my list of most desirable places to live.  But don?t you all move there!


Well, here we are, headed back down the 199 toward California.  We?re sad to leave Oregon.  We had a wonderful time and would like to thank Barb & Rich, Dan & Ellen, and everyone else who made our visit absolutely amazing.  This was my first Thanksgiving away from home and you made it a great one.  We?re going to be heading down the 101 tomorrow trying to find some warmth.  The temperature has been below freezing the last several nights so we?ll press on down the coast.

Into the beast of California we go.