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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted by admin on 02/14/12  ~  Posted in: Ethan's Thoughts

Today is Valentine's Day and Shan and I are at our friends Becky and Kevin's house.  We've been here for a couple weeks now, working on a new website for them and trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with our van.  From the moment we wake up each day, it's been nonstop activity.  From wine bottling, to a trip to San Fran, to a Sunday drive through the mountains with Becky and Kevin with the top down, to wonderful group dinners, life has been a whirlwind of activity.  Today we're banging away on the keyboards once again, trying to "get caught up", if ever that's possible on the million things we're "behind" on.  That said, I wanted to take a few minutes aside to make my wonderful wife know how loved she is.

Shan, I love you more now that I ever have before.  This road has been a difficult and challenging one, but it would be an unbearable one without you.  You've brought the adventure I was never strong enough to bring on myself, not without a partner.  You've brought faith - faith in each other, you and I, and faith in our cause.  You love me when I'm imperfect and forgive me when I mess up.  You teach me and help me to see how I can be better.  You're there for me when I'm tired, stressed and worried.  You work your @ss off for us, nonstop, even when you're exhausted.  I appreciate everything that you are, everything you've been, and everything you will be.  I appreciate who you are, right here, right now.

So, although we're completely out of money, our van doesn't work, and we're both exhausted, I can still tell you I love you, in this completely geeky way!

Happy Valentine's Day baby!

- e