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Big Sur

Posted by admin on 03/01/12  ~  Posted in: Galleries, Galleries, Galleries, Big Sur

We ended up staying in the Big Sur area for a couple weeks, hanging out high in the hills above the ocean. We left Los Gatos just as a nasty stomach bug was taking hold, first in Shannon, then in me. As miserable as being sick was, at least we were in the wilderness, the calm. We spent many days just laying out in the sun, reading, doing yoga, watching the clouds come in below us and the sun dip below them. It was a wonderful, rejuvinating time and it was a spiritual recharge to be back out in the wilderness. We avoid campgrounds as much as possible and Big Sur was no different - I'm glad we were able to find some nice sites away from traffic and people. Just the sounds of the birds and the wind. Here's some shots from our stay: