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Cape Perpetua Gallery

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So here we are?at last.

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We're in the process of catching up-madly?with the blog. We are in a time zone where each earth day seems to be two of ours. The breadth of experiences we jam into a day in addition to the routine tasks we do make each day intensely full, rich memorable and ultimately exhausting. So blog-yep believe it or not it's at the top of the list but sometimes that list is interminable. Need to blog-do we have enough power-gotta charge batteries-blast it?s raining again?wait till tomorrow, should we plug in? Right turn, right I saw a road that way?Honey its 9.30 we should feed the pets? Did we feed them lunch?

Crazy folks-crazy- I tell you the time we are having.

It is wonderful, epic, freeing. Each stop we make, each breath we take of new air, new places we both feel the tightness in our chests lighten. We both knew it could, but we've been breathing under its yolk for so long we forgot what it felt like to have it lighten, lessen a little.

Each day a bit lighter. Each day feeling a bit brighter, about our prospects- our process, the fact that we're getting "the hang" of it. Some days we pass through rainforests to high mountain passes, to grassy dry forests to cities. The extremes of weather, cultures, and climate patterns we've experienced so far, in only 12 days is mind boggling-especially considering we're taking our time meandering through just WA and OR. Crazy, and full, rich days.

Today, had enough of the rain. Today wanted to drive to a place where the sun would stay in the sky longer than a few times a day-drive to a place where the Wasser stopper, canvas, dish towels, WE dry out.

So we did the Oregon Coast today at a sprint. We've upped it once and now Southbound we paced it quick. Appreciating its beauty, loving it just the same, but wishing it farewell, we'll see you coast some other time, when we're less tired, when you are warmer. So in high speed, here is our day on the Oregon Coast, 101, somewhere between Florence and Reedsport?.

PS parked at a trailhead?could we be onto something? No do not Camp signs and a nice wooded, level lot?


Water Sketch

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