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Crazy Cleaning

Posted by Shan on 11/08/11  ~  Posted in: Galleries, Tehkenitch Creek

So its been a while since we've had a wash.  This is most commonly the case these days so its not such a big deal-BUT we are always on the look out for our next bath.

Today's walk in the woods turned up a perfect spot.

Here we are, warm in our layers, checking out the trail, the mushrooms, the dew covered plants.







And then the discovery-fresh clean water perfect for scrubbing the last days grime away.











So back to the van we hustle to get our wash kit packed up and make it back to the creek before the sun hides once again. Alas by the time we return the glorious sun has gone but we are committed so in we go for a chilly dip. It?s amazing how immersing oneself in really cold water can not only make one feel clean very very fast, but can also make the temp outside the water seem much warmer than previously thought.

Giddy after our dip we decide to play on the dune across the creek. Here are vid?s of our zany adventures.....



Taking a moment

Posted by Shan on 11/08/11  ~  Posted in: Tehkenitch Creek

Just to sit. Since we left Bham its been go go go with few pauses for breathers. We're not rushing, just adjusting to a new way of life in which there's constantly something to see do, pack unpack, photograph. Love it so far but find each night bed is most welcome.

Today we're taking it a bit easier. We didn't have to search for ages for a place to park for the night. We parked instead at a trailhead for a hike to a creek and the dunes beyond. The ranger's been by three times this morning and said nary a word so I think it?s kosher. We're discreet of course and I think our van set up looks outdoorsy and reputable enough to not be suspected of trouble making. (Although, as I write this I look out the door to see Sam lying ON TOP of the one and only picnic table in the lot?)

This time, rest, is most welcome as we've been going going non stop and been finding it difficult to simply sit down and write. And boy do we have stories to tell-going way back, almost a year back to the beginning of our journey. But for now, in this moment, reflection contemplation and preparation for a wash in the creek which looks most enticing.

Righteo off to get squeaky clean!