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What do you See?

Posted by Shan on 02/16/12  ~  Posted in: Ethan's Thoughts, California, Shan's Thoughts, Videos, Los Gatos

Idea & Creation by CoImagery- Music by Lane Murchison, songwriter & Alex Stein, pianist. Flipping through bumper stickers at San Gregorio Country Store.


Thank you to Maria!

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Reason 1,197 to Use a Hanky

Posted by Shan on 12/20/11  ~  Posted in: Shan's Thoughts

Ethan and I have this game. Each day I come up with a new reason why hankies are preferable to toilet tissue for wiping one's nose. Reasons like-reusable, aren't as scratchy, useful for all sorts of other things like emergency tourniquet, spill cleaner upper, surrender flag, trail marker, last ditch lens cloth-the list goes on and on. I think we're up to something like 10,000.

He still has yet to try a hankie. He thinks they're "gross". I have no doubt he will though-the day will come. Right now I think he's holding out more to tease me than anything.† But he'll see, one day, the value of a good kerchief.

He'll come to understand how a clean hankie can bring a smile to one's heart, make one's empty pocket full, make one feel ready for anything. He'll understand that the breadth of uses for a hankie is so vast that's its practically like carrying a survival kit. Think of the utility. The very same cloth used to gracefully wipe ones nose or to direct a cough or a sneeze to is also good for water filtration, limb binding, fire starting, wound cleansing, eye, nose or mouth shielding and that's just for starters. Survivalists recommend carrying a silk hankie for all the aforementioned reasons and add it is also useful for tying over ones nose on a nippy night, cause even in the best sleeping bag there's always a nose tip sticking out, getting chilly. I can think of scores of reasons to carry a hankie, and in fact come up with new ones each day. I swear there's a book here somewhere?.

Our game has awakened in me a kind of hero worship of hankies. I can understand monogramming them, or embroidering rosettes. I can understand the romanticism of a gentleman offering his hankie, provided it is clean, to a lass in distress or keeping hers if dropped, savoring the smell of her perfume on its lacey edges. I can understand the comfort of knowing grandma's, great aunts, even granddads tend to have hankies if ever needed. I can understand why so many have carried kerchiefs for so many generations. Yep hankies pretty much are the bomb.

And now in my new iteration of life I can understand why every pocket of my every coat has a hankie in it -there waiting for me- as I will inevitably need it in this cold we find ourselves in. Yep my hankie is always there for me, and I am most grateful. I wash them with excitement and fold them with precision. Like I said, a worship of sorts. Kind of odd I know but hey, small pleasures right- no denying.† A good hankie, a hot cup of joe and a warm campfire are still undeniably precious in a life spent outdoors.

Wait till Ethan sees. Can you guess what he will be getting from Santa?.....


What is it like? (pt. 2)

Posted by Shan on 11/14/11  ~  Posted in: Shan's Thoughts, Hunter Creek

Of course there are the worries, the fears. But these are so much easier kept at bay when we are feasting on a life of wellness. Wholeness, content.

The "other" world, which my heart has started to call it, of alarm clocks and bank statements, shopping lists and to do's- is always looming and when the rain is at its height sometimes it's allowed through my mind's door. Instantly my chest tightens and the expansiveness I am learning to live within evaporates like the air being sucked from one's lungs. My mind starts racing. I swear I can now hear my heart beat faster- my blood pump.

Man, once leaving the world of "other" it is amazing how quickly one repolarizes. †It is like one?s center finds true north and at once the great noise is quieted,† the great calm can be heard.

How much I prefer this place. How much in balance, well and centered I feel listening to the queries of my heart, the wonderings of my mind at rest, simply observing, seeing, taking in. Listening can be done with every part of the body. The hands can hear at a task, the feet find their rhythm in cadence, perfect step with the world around. The heart beats in time with the stirrings of the soul causing deep, connected, full feelings to rise within the spirit.

My most common feeling of late-gratefulness, extreme gratefulness- passion, the feeling of need to dance-calm, deep centeredness where I spend the moments in a squat observing dew on lacy edges, or stretching high, releasing strain, letting the sky keep my gaze. The balance of this life-the rhythm. ArÍte- I have sought it all my life. I am tasting it now-this is the nectar of the gods.

This is the path, the life of immortality, this is the fountain of youth. Here in one's own life, living according to one's own passions, edicts, stirrings. Fearing no man, aware of all things surrounding. †In sync with nature, in sync with oneself. †Moved deeply as a state of being. Accepting the clouds as they come, finding sun elsewhere. I have sought this essence. This life of freedom where my soul paves the way, I knew it was here, possible. I knew I would find it in the unfettered. In the unencumbered. In the world of needing less, wanting more and living more fully. I am finding my life. I am living my life. I love my life and appreciate the essence each moment adds to the beautiful tapestry it has become.


What is it like? (pt. 1)

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This new life of ours?..How do we spend our days, what occupies our time?

A million things-the same things over and over. Daily discoveries, familiar comforts.

Each day is alive, whether bad or good. Mixed most times but by far mostly good. †Rich, uncertain, challenging, stimulating- alive.

We wake to the sound of rain, or birds,or rivers most days. By far our bed, toasty under the covers is the warmest place to be. But we always rise quickly, eager to get the day started. That's not to say we rise early-we've yet to redevelop the habit for that. But we wake naturally and that is an extreme privilege in this day and age. We drink way too much coffee as it is a sensual pleasure in the outside air. We fold the bed, feed the pets, put away the blankets, our clothes, change clothes, tromp into the woods to go to the loo, begin sensing the day-start to listen.

Deep breaths come easier these days and most places we stay have a beautiful distinctive scent. I love living in the outdoors.† Our heads clear. A joy begins to grow as we make breakfast -eating well, having everything we need.† By this time we usually have a sense of what that day holds -be it packing up and hitting the road, or settling in for a day of staying put. Both have their own excitement-their own work, but are rewarding nonetheless.

Walks are leisurely, comfortable. The pets explore. We call them to us when they've gone too far and laugh as they bound our way sooner or later. Sam has this way of folding up the tips of his ears when he is very happy. He does this a lot lately. It makes me smile in a deep place-happy. We mostly are, we certainly are. Such is our life in this now.