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The Beginning

Posted by Shan on 08/01/11  ~  Posted in: Welcome

It all started, this adventure that is, on a previous adventure in July of 2010. Ethan and I were once again called to the wilds. We sojourned through Colorado, Utah and Arizona once more, working our way through the warmth headed towards Yosemite for a grand finale. I think we were on the road five weeks altogether. Taking pictures like crazy people, we slept on the ground or in the bed of the truck as fancy suited us. I think we pitched the tent once in all that time and the memories of each night under the stars is still strong. It was an epic trip to say the least.

At this moment in our lives we knew a change was on the horizon. While logging the miles we talked about the things we valued in our "now" and hoped for in the "to come".

We batted around ideas of Italy, Africa, India. We discussed moving to South America and building a home down there. But after much consideration, the idea of packing it all in for the gypsy life held the most allure for us.

Top Reasons:

  • A. Neither of us had seen the whole country and all it has to offer.
  • B. We could keep our pets whom we greatly value and knew would enjoy the journey too.
  • C. We travel well on the road and love few things more than spending the bulk of our time outside taking pictures and drinking in the air.
  • D. We wanted to broaden our perspective by experiencing the varied people and cultures of this country we call home.

We understood it would be a heck of a lot less comfortable and create numerous hardships we couldn't even dream of. Yet we liked the challenge. We liked the balance of pushing ourselves in one regard while keeping a sense of home we could rely on; build upon.

Thus committed, the dream was born. Yep, lets cash it all in, store it, sell it, buy it, trade it for a new experience- A new way of life.

On the to do list -which became massive in no time-make the house market ready, sell the house, store our things, find a Vanagon,refit it for the road, figure out what we'd need, what we wouldn't, wrap up our old life and put it on a shelf for the foreseeable future- take the best bits, our favorite bits with us on the open road.

This beginning was in August of 2010.