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Reason 1,197 to Use a Hanky

Posted by Shan on 12/20/11  ~  Posted in: Shan's Thoughts












Ethan and I have this game. Each day I come up with a new reason why hankies are preferable to toilet tissue for wiping one's nose. Reasons like-reusable, aren't as scratchy, useful for all sorts of other things like emergency tourniquet, spill cleaner upper, surrender flag, trail marker, last ditch lens cloth-the list goes on and on. I think we're up to something like 10,000.

He still has yet to try a hankie. He thinks they're "gross". I have no doubt he will though-the day will come. Right now I think he's holding out more to tease me than anything.  But he'll see, one day, the value of a good kerchief.

He'll come to understand how a clean hankie can bring a smile to one's heart, make one's empty pocket full, make one feel ready for anything. He'll understand that the breadth of uses for a hankie is so vast that's its practically like carrying a survival kit. Think of the utility. The very same cloth used to gracefully wipe ones nose or to direct a cough or a sneeze to is also good for water filtration, limb binding, fire starting, wound cleansing, eye, nose or mouth shielding and that's just for starters. Survivalists recommend carrying a silk hankie for all the aforementioned reasons and add it is also useful for tying over ones nose on a nippy night, cause even in the best sleeping bag there's always a nose tip sticking out, getting chilly. I can think of scores of reasons to carry a hankie, and in fact come up with new ones each day. I swear there's a book here somewhere?.

Our game has awakened in me a kind of hero worship of hankies. I can understand monogramming them, or embroidering rosettes. I can understand the romanticism of a gentleman offering his hankie, provided it is clean, to a lass in distress or keeping hers if dropped, savoring the smell of her perfume on its lacey edges. I can understand the comfort of knowing grandma's, great aunts, even granddads tend to have hankies if ever needed. I can understand why so many have carried kerchiefs for so many generations. Yep hankies pretty much are the bomb.

And now in my new iteration of life I can understand why every pocket of my every coat has a hankie in it -there waiting for me- as I will inevitably need it in this cold we find ourselves in. Yep my hankie is always there for me, and I am most grateful. I wash them with excitement and fold them with precision. Like I said, a worship of sorts. Kind of odd I know but hey, small pleasures right- no denying.  A good hankie, a hot cup of joe and a warm campfire are still undeniably precious in a life spent outdoors.

Wait till Ethan sees. Can you guess what he will be getting from Santa?.....